Photos: ©Vanessa Van Ryzin, ©Brian Overend, ©Erica Reade, ©Brooke DiDonato, ©Justin Carrasquillo, ©Joseph Romeo

Give and Receive Prints; Build Your Collection; Be Surprised!

International photographers of all backgrounds are invited to submit to The Print Swap, brought to you by Feature Shoot. The Print Swap is an opportunity for photographers to collect carefully curated prints and engage with other photographers around the globe. Photographers who are selected by our curators will both give and receive a print.  Once selected, photographers pay $40 per image to participate (we cover printing and shipping). 

All participating images will now be featured on one or more of the following: Feature Shoot@featureshoot@theprintswap or on Facebook (reaching over 350,000 photography enthusiasts)! Participating photographers will also have the option to have their print sold through our new store Superfine Prints

To submit, simply hashtag your images on Instagram #theprintswap or email them to us (at 620px wide) at

If your image is selected for The Print Swap, we will be in touch via Instagram or email with details.

 (photo: ©Cecilia Paredes/IPF2017)

(photo: ©Cecilia Paredes/IPF2017)

Exhibition Opportunity in India!

In the last few months, The Print Swap has traveled to exhibitions in New York, Sydney, Berlin and Los Angeles. Next we’ll be heading to the State Gallery of Art in Hyderabad, India, as part of The Indian Photography Festival (IPF) by the Light Craft Foundation. The world-renowned National Geographic photojournalist Ami Vitale will be curating the show. 

With a focus on both the artistic and social value of photography, IPF is a not-for-profit initiative celebrating the best work around the world. Last year, the festival hosted photographs from 500 artists hailing from 40 different countries. Previous exhibiting photographers and speakers include Ron Haviv, Reza Deghati, Sudharak Olwe, Claire Rosen, Kate Geraghty, Benjamin Lowy, and many more. The 2018 exhibitions, panels, discussions, screenings, and portfolio reviews will take place from August 30th to September 30th, and The Print Swap exhibition will run through the month.

Ami Vitale has spent her life documenting stories conflict, hope, and resilience across 90+ countries, earning awards from World Press International, International Photographer of the Year, and the National Press Photographers Association, among many others. With a focus on wildlife and environmental issues, Vitale is a contract photographer for National Geographic, and she is also a founding member Ripple Effect Images, a collective of pioneering photographers working with organizations and programs empowering women and girls around the world. In addition to selecting the images for the show,  Ami Vitale will also swap prints with one lucky Print Swap photographer of her choice.

There is no fixed theme for the show. As always, everyone who submits to The Print Swap gives and receives a print, but participating photographers who submit before May 29th at 11:59 PM EST will also be considered for the exhibition. Images submitted prior to March 23rd will not be eligible, though photographers who have participated previously are more than welcome to submit again. Since Vitale will select a total of 20-30 outstanding images from the Print Swap collection to exhibit, inclusion in the swap will not necessarily mean inclusion in the show.

While The Print Swap is an ongoing project and there is no deadline to submit images, selected photographers must submit their images by11:59PM on the night of May 29, 2018 to be considered for this show.

Photographers will be notified via email on or by June 10, 2018 if their print has been selected for exhibition at IPF.

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