Photos: ©Courtney Chavanell Webber, ©Kat Westerman, ©Lonnie Dean

The Print Swap is a new project brought to you by the editors of the photography site Feature Shoot. For eight years, we've been connecting photographers to photo editors, buyers and curators through our online platforms. Now we want to bring international photographers together to share their work through a large scale print swap.


How it works

Photographers from around the world and across all genres are invited to submit images via Instagram to be considered for the print swap. To submit, please hashtag your images #theprintswap. If your photo is chosen, you will get to swap your photo, which we will have professionally printed, with another photographer who is also in the swap. 

The photographers involved will each give and receive a print. Part of the fun is that the print everyone gets are chosen at random, which means the print you receive in the mail will be a total surprise.

There is no submission fee to enter; however, if your image is chosen, there is a one-time cost of $40, which will be paid via Submittable at the same time you upload your high res file for print. There are no additional costs beyond that, and we will take care of everything else, including printing and shipping the selected images. 

All images submitted must be able to be printed at 8.5x11 inches. 

The print swap is a fun new way to add some photography to your own walls AND have your work seen by other photographers around the world. 

To submit, hashtag your images #theprintswap or email them to