We connect photographers through beautiful prints

The Print Swap is a global photo-sharing project launched in 2016 by the editors of the Feature Shoot website.

The way it works is simple: Interested photographers should hashtag their image #theprintswap on Instagram or email us at submit@theprintswap.com with their images in order to be considered. 

If selected, we will be in touch via email or Instagram direct message with the link to submit your high resolution image.

The cost of participation is US$40. For that, you will receive a beautiful archival 8x10" print in the mail from a fellow participating photographer, and your photo will, in turn, be sent out as print to another photographer around the world. We cover all printing and shipping costs. 

Additionally, all selected photographers will have their images appear on one or more of the following: Feature Shoot, @featureshoot, @theprintswap or on Facebook (reaching over 350,000 photography enthusiasts)!

All submissions are also considered for our various international photography exhibitions.

All of our prints are produced using high quality, acid-free, pH-neutral archival paper before being mailed to their final destinations across six continents (no submissions from Antarctica ... YET!). 

We also reach a wider public through our ongoing series of traveling exhibitions. From Sydney to India to Brooklyn, each of our shows features images chosen from The Print Swap collection by a different industry leader.

Over 250 photographers have exhibited work in galleries or at photography festivals as part of the Print Swap.

You can see all of the exhibited images here.

Photos in top banner: ©Courtney Chavanell Webber, ©Kat Westerman, ©Lonnie Dean