Frequently Asked Questions


What type of work is eligible?

All photo-based work is eligible, be it film, digital, tintype, camera-less, etc.

How do I submit?

Simply hashtag your image on Instagram #theprintswap or use our photo upload page with your images at 620 px wide.

If I upload my image and pay the fee, will my image be promoted in any way?

We will endeavor to run as many Print Swap images on social media as possible while not overwhelming our followers with imagery, but unfortunately we cannot promise that your image will be posted.

How many photos may I submit?

You can submit as many images as you like. For each print you submit, you will receive one back from another photographer around the world. 

Can I choose the print I receive in return?

Yes! Once you have submitted, you will be directed to an Instagram page where you will be able to select the print you’d like to receive in return.

So if I submit two images and pay $80, then how many images can I choose?

If you submit two images, you will be able to choose two prints. Please make sure you are the first person to comment “swap” underneath the image(s) you want.

Can two photographers submit as one entry?

Yes, but if an image from your team is selected, only one print will be mailed out.

Is there a fee to submit?

Yes, there is a fee of $40 per print to participate. 

So if I pay the fee, do I get a print?

Yes. Photographers will both give and receive a print.

Do I have to pay for shipping and printing?

No, photographers are not responsible for shipping and printing fees.  If you’d like tracking on your image there is an additional fee of $10. The Print Swap cannot be responsible for prints not received (without tracking).

Is there a type of photograph that you will not accept? 

We accept all genres of photography except for nudes. We reserve the right to refund any submissions that do not fit our criteria for the swap. 

How does the exhibition judging work?

Print Swap photo editors and/or guest curator(s) judge the submissions. Winners are chosen and notified on an ongoing basis.

What size should my image be?

You can upload your image as a JPEG or TIFF as large as you have it. Simple as that! But preferably, your image should be 2400 px on the shortest side. 300dpi. Color space: RGB preferred. Color Profile: “Adobe RGB (1998)” is preferred.

What's the deal with the exhibitions?

We decided to organize exhibitions for selected, participating Print Swap photographers after numerous requests. The exhibitions are a way for us to showcase some of the inspiring images that are participating in the swap to audiences around the world. Our goal is 6 world-wide exhibitions in 2019!

Do I automatically get in the exhibition if I upload my high res image for The Print Swap?

Due to the number of submissions, it is not possible to include every submitted image in an exhibition. Exhibitions are judged by a photo industry professional or curator after the call for submissions for that particular show has ended and photographers are notified at that time.

When will I get the print?

It should takes 4-5 weeks to receive the print once all of the winners have been chosen (depending upon where you live). However, we are working on making the turnaround time faster. Prints are mailed from the United States and the United Kingdom.

What if I don't receive my print?

Please get in touch with us at if you have not received your print and it has been 5 weeks.

What if my print is damaged in the mail.

Please let us know and we will get another one out to you.

What if I don't like my print?

There are no refunds or exchanges, but hopefully it will grow on you!

What are photographers saying about the prints they’ve received?

Here are a few testimonials from Print Swap members:

“Just received three beautiful prints in my mail via @theprintswap project. This unique project selects images hashtagged, and randomly ships winning images to other photographer/winners. So far I have had 3 images selected and have a few more coming. I would like to encourage all of you to follow and submit images to The Print Swap project. It is an awesome way to discover talent and be pleasantly surprised.” - Morten K Soerensen

“When I opened my post box this morning and saw the The Print Swap envelope in it, I was so excited that I had to open it right then and there! I am highly impressed that it arrived in one piece as the South African postal services leaves much to be desired at times.  Thanks @theprintswap for creating such a wonderful way for artists and photographers to exchange prints!” - Nicola Fouché

“There is so much wonderful art out there, it's overwhelming... I am so thankful that one of my photos was selected for the @theprintswap lineup- I just received this photo in the mail, from a Brisbane-based photographer. Being able to discover other talented artists from around the world makes me feel like I've won the lottery!"- Tova Friedman

"Remember those times, waiting for photos to be developed? Submit an image to #theprintswap , and wait. You'll receive a print, beautifully printed, on actual paper - just not the one you submitted. Images are randomly swapped amongst the participants. So fun!"-Beeke Bartelt

"So grateful to participate in the latest round of Feature Shoot's project @theprintswap. I have enjoyed getting three new works to put up in our house and learn about three new photographers and their work. My three photos went to Italy, Australia and Massachusetts."- Jasmine Anwer

I have a question not listed here. How do I get in touch?

Have a look at our terms and conditions. If you still have a question, please email for more information. We are here to help during regular business hours and will try to answer your inquiries as soon as we can!