Give and receive prints. Build your collection. Exhibit your work globally!

Photographers of all backgrounds and from all parts of the world are invited to submit to The Print Swap, brought to you by team behind the photography website, Feature Shoot. The Print Swap is an opportunity for photographers to collect carefully curated prints and engage with other photographers around the globe. 

How it works

Photographers who are selected by our curators to take part will both give AND receive a print. This means that your photo will be professionally printed on archival paper and sent out to another hand-selected Print Swap photographer. In return, you'll receive a surprise photo print in the mail taken by a fellow participant. The cost of entry is just US$40 per image (we cover printing and shipping). 

To submit, simply hashtag your images on Instagram #theprintswap or email direct them to us at

print swap book

This year, The Print Swap will expand to include a photo book. 15-20 submitted images will be selected each month from photographers who have participated in The Print Swap to include in our first ever book, which will be published at the end of the year. 

Winners will be announced throughout each month on The Print Swap Instagram page, so after you submit your image, be sure to keep a close watch to see if your image gets selected.


  • Once your image has been selected via the Instagram hashtag, the cost will be US$40

  • Image requirements: sized at 2400px wide (can be any height). 300dpi preferred. Tiff or JPEG permitted

  • In return, you'll receive a beautifully printed surprise photo in the mail

  • Your photo will be considered for the Spring Paris exhibition

  • Your photo will be considered for the new annual Print Swap book

Enter now

Hashtag your images #theprintswap on Instagram now!